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December 2011 Yep, yep, it's been an absolutely hilariously long time!

Soo... I've been busy XDD Partly with music though. Thus!

Bits of the Kingsmeadow score are now up. That was my pretty major 2010/11 project. I'm going to maybe put up some music for Origin (AWESOME RPGMAKER GAME IN FINAL FANTASY STYLE? Have I MENTIONED how overexcited I am about this!??!), but for now check out some of it on Emmy's Soundcloud.

Also, on the Hecate Theatre youtube you can now find recordings of theatrical things I've done: Invocation (creepy song from Metamorophoses -- recording is pretty good except for one bit XDD) and the arrangement of Shendryk I did for Christmas cabaret, and BEST OF ALL, Thy Love Is Better from Twelfth Night with the band and me on piano.

ALSO, finally, there are a coupla new things on the Etc page :))

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